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Even if fourth quarter holiday sales broke all records, there would still be some left over inventory that online retailers would like to sell in the days and weeks after Christmas. And after-Christmas sales and special offers may help increase revenue in the end of December and in January when retail stores are typically slower.


After Christmas Sale

If properly executed, after-Christmas sales may move excess inventory, generate revenue, boost cash flow, and continue relationships with customers acquired during the holiday season. To get the most from this sort of promotion, plan the event in advance, come up with unique for creative offers, segment shoppers and make targeted offers, consider deep discounts on troubled items, and always be aware of other promises you may have made.

Businesses which adopt a festive SMS marketing campaign could certainly enjoy a prosperous Christmas - and there's no reason why this shouldn't continue into the New Year as well. It's a platform which can provide enviable results all year round. After all, the January sales are just around the corner. Then it's Valentine's Day, Easter etc etc... Plus, we all fall into the same traps in January/February. We're feeling a bit stuffed from all the indulgence, so join the gym. We're feeling low, because it's cold and we're all a bit skint... So we decided to put a small deposit down on a summer holiday.

The Advantage

Marketers should take advantage of this, mean as it sounds. Why not grab hold of those prospects while the impulse is there?

Whatever the target sector, if marketers can remain consistent with their messages, whilst continuing to provide useful offers, deals and advice, then customers will soon learn to look forward to receiving these communications - at any time of year.

A well-advertised SMS service should continue to attract greater numbers of subscribers, making it an increasingly invaluable tool for marketers as time goes on. Let's not forget that it's also one of the most cost-effective tools to market a business with, so there should be no financial fears about a subscriber list growing too large. Bulk SMS is such an easy platform to utilise as well. Essentially, you can send thousands of messages across the world with the click of a button.

Follow the Rules

In your quest to get more sales, don’t forget the rules. Text marketing is regulated and messages can only be sent to users who opt in. Also, avoid texting off hours. Your store may be open 24 hours, but you shouldn’t send text messages in the early morning or late at night.

The future

If anything, SMS marketing is only going to become more beneficial for those using it in the future. Smartphones recently overtook feature phone sales for the first time, mobile web speeds continue to improve and the amount of money being spent on m-commerce continues to show no sign of slowing down. This should make it easier than ever to turn SMS subscribers into paying customers.

With this in mind, it's difficult to argue against making SMS a top marketing priority in 2016

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